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Sintered Stone Guide

Sintered surfaces are made from natural materials that go through the engineered process of sintering, which mimics the natural compression and heat of the environment.

Sintered stone is composed with high quality inorganic clay, feldspar powder, quartz and other 100% inorganic materials. 

Its surfaces give the illusion of natural faults and unique qualities. Nonetheless, sintered stone can appear like natural stone, wood, or even a smooth surface. And,it is a relatively light material, requiring less structural elements in the surface. 

LAFFi Home offers a diverse assortment of sintered stone furniture items, ranging from Dining Table to TV Stand to Coffee Table, in a variety of colours, forms, sizes, and textures made from all natural materials.  

Water Resistant

Water Resistant

Sintered stone’s surface is void of porous spaces, enhancing its sanitation capabilities as well as water resistant capabilities.  

Great option for outdoor furniture.  

Stains & Scratch Resistant

Stains & Scratch Resistant

The non-porous surface prevents moisture and particles from being trapped. 

Due to its durability, resistance and hardness, makes sintered stone a scratch resistant material, even with a knife directly. 

Heat & UV Light Resistant

Heat & UV Light Resistant

The material is resistant to high heat and cold and keeps its lustre even after prolonged exposure to UV radiation.

Italian Grey


Calacatta Viola