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Lighting Guide

In the house of LAFFi Home, lighting is an integral element in creating an inviting atmosphere or an impactful ambiance. Light is viewed as a sculptural element that can draw the eye and create a feeling of drama. Size isn't everything, as long as it is central to the space. Achieving a balance between the focal point and the rest of the room is key, so pairing a large ceiling light with a sleek wall-mounted downlighter or cornice light that highlights the room's architecture can create a stunning visual effect.


Manipulating the scale of lighting fixtures is a simple technique that can produce the desired ambiance. For example, placing a floor lamp next to an armchair in a living room creates a cozy reading nook, while a single ceiling light can be the primary source of light.


Consider the color temperature of the light source. LED lights come in a variety of colors, ranging from warm white to amber. Experimenting with colors can produce different atmospheres for various spaces, such as a warm light for a cozy bedroom or a cooler light for a productive workspace.


At LAFFi Home, we believe that lighting plays a critical role in defining a space's mood and style.