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Velvet Guide

In our LAFFi Home, we choose velvet because it is both sturdy and durable, as well as soft and tactile. Its dense pile is ideal for sinking into and bringing out the depth of color, delivering a rich, lively appearance on our velvet items.

Velvet is excellent for making a statement and anchoring a space. It is recommended to use on a key piece to offer a bright splash of colour to the aesthetic, while also creating a cosy vibe that’s perfect for evening ambience - especially when paired with warm lighting and scented candles.   

Velvet Care Guide

To ensure the longevity of velvet pieces, sweep it in the direction of fabric pile with a soft, dry brush to eliminate any surface dirt, then vacuum to eradicate dust.

When spills occur, dab the area lightly with a clean, dry cloth and rubbing must be avoided.  

We recommend getting your upholstery pieces professionally cleaned to ensure that it is properly cared for and that the color remains maintained. To avoid colour fading, keep away from heat and direct sunshine.

Heat & UV Light Resistant

Heat & UV Light Resistant

The material is resistant to high heat and cold and keeps its lustre even after prolonged exposure to UV radiation.

Stains & Scratch Resistant

Stains & Scratch Resistant

The non-porous surface prevents moisture and particles from being trapped. 

Due to its durability, resistance and hardness, makes sintered stone a scratch resistant material, even with a knife directly. 

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