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Turrell Vase

“Home Gallery”

Introducing Turrell - an exquisite acrylic vase that pays homage to the legendary artist James Turrell. Its stunning rectangular shape and gradient shades of green evoke Turrell's iconic use of color to create immersive experiences. The translucent material captures the essence of Turrell's explorations of light and space, allowing for a mesmerizing play of light and shadow. Transform your floral arrangements into contemporary art with the magnificent Turrell vase.


Height (cm) 13

Width (cm) 16

Depth (cm) 7

Opening (cm) 10

Packaging dimension (cm) 20*15*10

Weight (kg) 3


Craftsmanship Hand-Blown 

Material Resin

Water tight Yes

Care Instructions  Wipe with a damp cloth

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