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Nexus wall sconces

"Dual Radiance"

Introducing Nexus, a mesmerizing wall light that redefines the interplay of hues. Two half-rounded circles, each adorned with a distinct hue, converge in harmonious fusion. Like a modern art piece, Nexus casts a captivating glow, turning your space into a realm of ambiance.

Imagine the dance of colors as Nexus illuminates your surroundings. The gentle curves and exquisite glasswork create a visual symphony that draws you in. Picture yourself basking in its dual radiance, where every moment is a brushstroke of elegance and vibrancy.

Let Nexus grace your walls and infuse your space with its unique duality. It's not just a wall light; it's an artistic statement that transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. Elevate your decor with Nexus and immerse yourself in the enchanting embrace of dual hues


Diameter (cm) 28

Height (cm) 52

Packaging Size (cm) 48*34*16


Assembly Required Yes, Specialist

Bulb(s) Included No

Bulb Required 12W LED strip light source

Material Antique Finishing Bronze & Blue Glass & Cognac Colored Glass

Electrician Required Yes

Dimmable No

Height adjustable No

Voltage 220-230v

Compliance CE

Environment Dry 

Care Instructions Clean with a soft dry cloth only. Do not use polishing agents, harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they may damage the finish. Always switch off the electricity supply before cleaning.

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