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Marmo Dining Table in 2 Sizes

"Intimate Dining, Unforgettable Moments"

Elevate your dining experience with Marmo, a space-conscious masterpiece that sets the stage for unforgettable moments. Imagine intimate gatherings, where the aroma of delectable cuisine mingles with laughter and shared stories. Let Marmo be the centerpiece that transforms your dining area into a haven of culinary delights and cherished connections. Its sleek design and thoughtful proportions effortlessly accommodate intimate meals, fostering a sense of togetherness and warmth. Embrace the joy of savoring delectable flavors, clinking glasses, and immersing yourself in the pleasure of dining. With Marmo, every meal becomes an extraordinary occasion, etching indelible memories into the tapestry of your life.



Seats to 1-2

Height (cm) 75

Width (cm) 60

Depth (cm) 60

Stone Thickness (cm) 1.2

Leg Height (cm) 73.3

Packaging dimensions (cm)

1. 46*46*2

2. 7.8*7.8*71

Weight (kg) 12


Seats to 2-4

Height (cm) 75

Width (cm) 80

Depth (cm) 80

Stone Thickness (cm) 1.2

Leg Height (cm) 73.3

Packaging dimensions (cm)

1. 65*65*2

2. 7.8*7.8*71

Weight (kg) 13


Assembly Assembly Required

Material Carbon Steel and Sintered Stone 

Caring instructions Professional cleaning only

Complimentary Bespoke Service

*Please note we offer a variety of stone & legs options with different colours and patterns through our bespoke service. Contact us at for more information.

Choose a Size

*Please note each piece of our sintered stone is entirely unique, with natural variations in pattern and veining that make it entirely one-of-a-kind.