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Square Montaigne Pillow

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Square Montaigne Pillow 

"Parisian Dreams”

In the heart of the City of Lights, a pillow was born—Montaigne. Inspired by the essence of Parisian indulgence, it whispers tales of strolling along the enchanting Rue Montaigne. Its sumptuous threads caress your senses, invoking visions of haute couture and timeless elegance. Let Montaigne transport you to the pinnacle of refined luxury, where dreams and reality intertwine on the cobblestone streets of Paris.



Height (cm) 43

Width (cm) 43

Weight (grams) 630


Fabric Type Front: Chenille Jacquard

Back: Plain Dutch Velvet

Side: Invisible Zipper

All Sides: Rolled Edge Dutch Velvet

Insert Filling Type Brushed flannel down feather cotton

Caring instructions Professional cleaning only

SKU Sqa/All/Pil/Y