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£399.00 - £429.00
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Lato Marble Side Table

“Harmonious Geometry”

Striking the perfect equilibrium of solid geometric design, this table boasts a naturally sleek and unmistakable presence that draws immediate attention. Whether standing alone or in clusters, it offers versatility that adapts to your space. A single table becomes a canvas for your cherished essentials – a beloved teacup, a captivating book, or a trusty tablet – you hold the reins to create intimate moments of significance. Elevate the essence of your personal sanctuaries with the artful balance of our Marble Side Table, making each instant uniquely yours."


Short Version:

Height (cm) 45

Width (cm) 50

Depth (cm) 40

Base Height (cm) 20

Weight (kg) 40

Packaging dimensions (cm)

1. 33*33*33

2. 53*13*53

Tall Version:

Height (cm) 50

Width (cm) 40

Depth (cm) 40

Base Height (cm) 20

Weight (kg) 43

Packaging dimensions (cm)

1. 33*33*33

2. 53*13*53


Assembly Assembly required

Base Marble

Material Marble and Carbon steel

Caring instructions For day-to-day cleaning, dust with a clean, dry cloth. Do not under any circumstances clean with abrasive or aggressive products, acidic detergents, bleach or abrasive paper or steel wool.

Complimentary Bespoke Service

*Please note we offer a variety of stone & legs options with different colours and patterns through our bespoke service. Contact us at for more information.

Choose a Size

*Please note each piece of our sintered stone is entirely unique, with natural variations in pattern and veining that make it entirely one-of-a-kind.