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Sorgere Table Lamp 

“Illuminate Dreams with Ethereal Artistry”

Sorgere, a symphony of elegance and artistic expression. Picture a delicate flower unfurling its petals at the break of dawn – that's the essence captured by Sorgere's intricate metal mesh design.

Named after the Italian word for "rise," Sorgere isn't just a table lamp; it's an emotional journey. Every contour, every curve of its meticulously shaped mesh, tells a story of craftsmanship and passion. With each glance, you'll witness a blooming flower, a piece of art that exists to evoke feelings of wonder.

The layers of Sorgere's design add a mesmerizing depth to its already ethereal beauty. When you switch it on, the soft, dreamy glow that emanates is as though the lamp itself is whispering secrets of elegance into the air. It's weightless yet substantial, designed to fill your space not just with light, but with emotion.

Imagine standing before a captivating masterpiece in a gallery, feeling a connection that's impossible to explain – that's the sensation Sorgere brings to your living space. As the light filters through its metal petals, it paints a story on your walls, a story of dreams and sophistication.

Sorgere goes beyond being a mere lamp; it's an invitation to experience the world through an artist's eye. It's a reminder that the fusion of beauty and functionality can create something that resonates deep within. Illuminate your surroundings with Sorgere and let it be a daily reminder that art, elegance, and emotion can coexist seamlessly.


Diameter (cm) 40

Height (cm) 28

Packaging Size (cm) 63*46*43


Assembly Required Self Assembly Required

Bulb(s) Included No

Bulb Required 1/ E27

Material Stainless Steel & Metal Mesh 

Electrician Required No

Dimmable No

Voltage 220-240v

Compliance CE

Environment Dry 

Care Instructions Clean with a soft dry cloth only. Do not use polishing agents, harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they may damage the Finish. Always switch off the electricity supply before cleaning.

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