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Christos wall sconces

"Radiant Reverie”

Embrace the allure of Christos Wall Sconces. Inspired by ancient Greek architecture, each piece captures the fusion of modern design and classic charm. Crafted with meticulous artistry, the gentle curves and premium materials evoke the beauty of eras past, while casting a warm radiance that dances upon your walls.

Elevate your space with Christos. Let the soft glow transport you, reminiscent of sunlit Mediterranean moments. Whether adorning contemporary corridors or cozy retreats, Christos brings sophistication and grace to every corner.

Picture yourself in the glow of history, as Christos transforms your surroundings into an oasis of elegance. Let these sconces be the catalyst for serene evenings—a symphony of light that inspires and uplifts.

With Christos, timeless design becomes your story. Illuminate your world not just with light, but with the radiance of a reverie that whispers tales of the past and invites you to create the future. Craft moments that transcend time, capturing the beauty of history for generations to come.



Christos Small

Diameter (cm) 28

Height (cm) 50

Packaging Size (cm) 55*51*14


Christos Large

Diameter (cm) 30

Height (cm) 60

Packaging Size (cm) 55*51*14


Assembly Required Yes, Specialist

Bulb(s) Included No

Bulb Required LED Chip

Material Glass and Brushed Yellow Antique Bronze 

Electrician Required Yes

Dimmable No

Height adjustable No

Voltage 220-230v

Compliance CE

Environment Dry 

Care Instructions Clean with a soft dry cloth only. Do not use polishing agents, harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they may damage the finish. Always switch off the electricity supply before cleaning.

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