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Irene designed the “Butterfly Chair”, a genuine confluence between fashion and home furnishings. The composition portrays a strong sense of dependence, escapism and rebellious underneath its feminine disguise.        

"I've always wanted to create something light to the eyes, especially now more than ever!" said Irene. “We are deficient in lightness at this moment in our life."

The idea for this work came from the fashion movements in the early 2000s. "Style icons like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were huge inspirations on me when it came to developing my own sense of aesthetic." 

“I thrived on how they’ve continuously translated their multi-facet personas through choices of fashion. And that, to me, is taking a public stance on women categorization. Creating an expectation of the unexpected."

“Butterfly Chair” aesthetic is infused with a 2000s glamorous pop kind of vibe, the creation is sexy, fresh and alluring, livened up by vibrant and saturated hues that revisit Irene’s codes in tune with the spirit of our time. Nonetheless, highlighting a focus on the sensuous flair that every independent woman can convey.  


Height: 125cm

Width: 155cm

Depth: 80cm

"The use of colour for ALIEN chair is predominantly chrome with a tint of purplish hue. Decoding a modern femininity through colours. As this showcases female independence and mysterious allure in the most modern way imaginable. "

To embrace the notion of contemporary yet responsible, the ALIEN chair is composed of recycled plastic with a glossy chrome finishing.

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